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Real Estate

Finding affordable housing shouldn't be difficult. There are diamonds in the rough all over!
Here we will post the diamonds waiting to be leased and turned into your home.


Property Renovations

As a property owner, I know it is crucial to fully assess necessary repairs and home improvements while simultaneously maintaining a budget as they are executed. Making a comprehensive plan for everything that needs to be done and finding all the right tools for the job can be overwhelming. This is where I thrive; I love to nerd out on tools and collaborate with you on your vision for your end goal. My goal is for you to leave the heavy lifting to me so that you can enjoy the results.

Click the button below to contact us and get started on your idea.

Property Management

Building your team is important when you start buidling your real estate portfolio. For our property management needs, we have partnered with Terra Residential Services as our primary partner managing our properties. Click on the image below and check them out!

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