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About Us

Mission Statement
To provide assistance, to both individuals and businesses alike, with quality services to help jump start their business journey, expand on it, improve in a targeted area, and/or improve their quality of life.

Lone Star Capital Diamond (LSCD) was created with one objective in mind: Servitude.

Prior to developing LSCD, owner and founder Mariela Aguirre helped many individuals brainstorm logistics, operations, product development, and has provided the information and tools necessary to start businesses from the ground up.This made apparent that there was a need in her community for business consulting and management services, and thus LSCD was born in the midst of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Since our opening, LSCD has been able to provide many women and men the encouragement and knowledge to be equipped to start their own businesses in different industries.

An array of opportunities to serve individuals in other fields presented themselves. One such field is Real Estate, where LSCD positioned itself to provide housing (both long-term and short-term) to tenants. Related to Real Estate, current homeowners have much to look after in their property—whether it is doing an aesthetic renovation or a complete face lift to their home. For this reason, we launched a Property Renovations service to provide affordable renovation services to homeowners. With providing this service comes the opportunity to network with a plethora of service providers in the industry. When LSCD is not able to assist with a customer's specific need(s), this network allows LSCD to connect customers with the appropriate service providers. This increases the service providers’ pool of potential customers and builds rapport and revenue while supporting local small businesses. Helping each other within the community is always a win-win in our eyes.

Looking into the future, we continue to find gaps that require innovative solutions in a multitude of industries. It is with this mindset that we strive forward to obtain more resources and channels of opportunities that will aid in broadening our reach to place ourselves in an even better position to help more people within the community through Lone Star Capital Diamond.

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