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"My infatuation with real estate began when I started to really appreciate doing my own renovations to properties I have. After researching and analyzing the fundamentals of investing in real estate, I realized I wanted to explore it even more. I dove right into understanding how the transactions work. This led me to Champions School of Real Estate in Houston, Texas where I learned so much from seasoned professionals who gave me the right tools and knowledge to proceed in my real estate ambitions, and now I am a Texas REALTOR®" - Mariela

This same drive has expanded to another passion: helping people find their future home or investment properties so that they can build their knowledge on homeownership and generational wealth. The goal is to ensure that you know the process that you are getting into, from beginning to end, whether it is on the buying side or the selling side. 


Allow me to guide you to obtain your diamond by selecting one of the above options that best represents where you are in your real estate journey.

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